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As Education Marketing Program Manager and Creative Catalyst at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Blaine-o defines the creation, development, and marketing of global education campaigns and tier-one multi-media and creative direction for demand generation. His goal is to drive audience engagement in a way that entertains and inspires.

Unlike most contributors to this blog, he is not an engineer and probably won’t focus on the technical speeds and feeds that typically define our industry. He’s one of the 99%- the folks at the sharp end of the spear trying to apply the theories and use the technology that you as a network administrator or CIO have implemented so he can be more productive at his job. Give his material a look…it might be a perspective worth reading about…

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Continuity of learning is important. When schools are forced to close, they need a safe and robust platform to deliver remote education capabilities.

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Schools can use analytics to drive student success and retention

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