EUNO Senior Vice President, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

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Rukmini leads the EUNO region which includes North, Central and Eastern Europe including as well Russia and Israel. Rukmini has nearly 20 years of experience in IT and Telecomms. Prior to joining ALE, Rukmini served as Vice President Communications and Infrastructure Solution Line at Sita which specializes in providing IT and Telecom solutions to the Air Transport Industry. Before working in the IT and Telecom space, Rukmini spent 10 years in the Chemical Industry. Rukmini is a Belgian national based in Geneva.

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blog-pageheader-1200x299 The acceleration of digitalisation

The digitalisation journey is already underway and accelerating for everyone, enabled by digital-age networks, the cloud, and communications.

blog-pageheader-1200x299 Tipsheet: Successful Technology Advancements Must Align with Business Trends

Enterprise communications have changed greatly over the last century, as you may have read in our brief travel through its history -- a rapid evolution made possible by technology and vendor advancements.

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