How to Set Up Your Hold Music

März 15, 2021
Article : 009741

This article discusses the steps on how to set up your extension's hold music on the Rainbow Office online account. This is what callers will hear whenever they are put on hold.

1. Log in to your Rainbow Office online account.

2. Go to Settings > Screening, Greeting, & Hold Music > User Hours tab.

3. Below Hold Music, select Enable, then click Edit.

4. Click the Set Audio drop-down list.

5. Select Ring Tones, Music, or Custom. If you selected Ring Tones, go to Step 8.

6. If you selected Music, click the drop-down list, then select your preferred music.

7. If you selected Custom, click Browse then upload the WAV or MP3 of your hold music.

8. Click Done.

9. Click Save.


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