Enable and Set up Head-Up Display (HUD)

März 15, 2021
Article : 010369

This article provides instructions on how to enable and set up the Head Up Display (HUD) in Rainbow Office softphone.

Rainbow Office softphone Head-Up Display (HUD) is a call management feature which allows you to improve your business' call management by providing a more convenient interface for receiving incoming calls and managing your extensions' presence from the Rainbow Office softphone.

Follow the steps below to learn how to enable and set up the HUD.

1. Log in to your Rainbow Office softphone

2. Go to View settings > Calls > General tab

3. Below the HUD section, click the slider button next to Turn on HUD to keep track of your favorites to enable HUD.

4. You can also enable Ring when any user I am monitoring receives an incoming. When this option is enabled, the Rainbow Office softphone will also ring when any user you are monitoring gets a call. You can also pick up their call if you have permission. 

5. Close the Settings window

6. To set up HUD, click the HUD icon.

7. Click Create to manage user extensions in the HUD list. If you already have a contacts list, click Edit

8. Select the contact(s) from the list, then click Add. If you already have a contacts list, you can either add more contacts or remove contacts from it

9. Click Save.

NOTE: Extensions in the HUD list are automatically synced with your online account and desk phones. If you set up Presence on your Online account, the settings will sync and appear on your desk phone and Rainbow Office softphone's HUD list. If the HUD list is edited on the Rainbow Office softphone's HUD, the changes will sync with the Presence appearance settings on your Rainbow Office online account and desk phone.


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