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This article provides information about the RelayUK Calling feature in the Rainbow Office.

RelayUK provides communication services to and for hearing impaired persons or businesses using TeleType (TTY) devices. With Rainbow Office RelayUK Calling feature, users who have a UK DigitalLine assigned may now reach RelayUK. 

RelayUK calls are billed at normal rates based on the dialed number. Domestic calls are metered at the regular domestic rate. International calls are metered at the regular international rate based on the country dialed.



RelayUK calling is available within the UK for local and/or long-distance calls.

Key features and benefits

Provides TTY phone and device users with assistance when making voice calls to a person or business

Allows TTY Emergency calls

There are no additional charges to use RelayUK

Calling permissions are applied to RelayUK calls. If a User is not allowed to dial International numbers, then the User is not allowed to dial International numbers via RelayUK

RelayUK calls are logged in Call Log and Analytics with action "TextRelay"


Supported devices

Hearing-impaired users can use software or hardware TTY devices. We support many TTY physical devices and soft clients. Here are two recommendations:

Compatible physical device

Most analog TTY physical devices are compatible with Rainbow Office when using an Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA). One option is the UltraTec Uniphone-1140 with Polycom OBi. 

The Ultratec Uniphone 1140 can be purchased from UltraTec.

On the other hand, you can purchase the Poly OBi 302 from Rainbow Office.

Compatible TTY soft client
The Accessaphone ipTTY can be downloaded from the Rainbow Office App Gallery.

Endpoint availability

All physical phones:  Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Avaya, Cisco, Poly, Yealink

How it works

Users with TTY devices can call RelayUK for:

Emergencies - Dial 18000

TTY device User dials 18000

Emergency Services Relay Agent answers the call and summons required officials

Assistance voice-calling a person/business

TTY device User dials 18001 + desired number

RelayUK agent answers TTY call, places voice call to the desired number, speaks with the person/business, and relays the message back to the User via TTY


Emergency 18000


Using a Text Phone/TTY device


Users with Phones can call RelayUK for:

Assistance TTY-calling a person/business

Phone User dials 18002 + desired number

RelayUK agent answers voice call, places TTY call to desired number, types messages with the person/business, and relays the message back to the User via voice

For hearing people


NOTE: If your account is outside the UK or if your endpoint is not assigned a UK digital line, you can configure 18001 or 18002 as an extension. 1800 is a special reserved number and may not be configured as an extension.

Known limitations

RelayUK prefixes 18001 and 18002 are not displayed in the Call History or Call Log. For example, when a user dials 18001 020 7730 1234, “+44 20 7730 1234” is displayed in the Call History and Call Log

Redial & RingOut to RelayUK numbers with prefixes 18001 and 18002 are not supported

CallerID Block *67 to RelayUK numbers is not supported

RelayUK calls to blocked numbers or high-risk destinations are not allowed

In-progress RelayUK calls are reflected in Call Log with Action “Unknown” which will be updated to use the same action displayed for completed calls “TextRelay”

Dialing RelayUK using company main number * user extension is not supported on Cisco phones or ATA devices.  E.g. 18001/18002 020 4450 6789 * 101#

RelayUK calling is only available from endpoints that have a UK digital line assigned

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