Rainbow Office Message Storage and Account Data Retention

September 10, 2021
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This article discusses the options available to Rainbow Office users when backing up their account data. It also provides data retention guidelines for the account in general as well as for the Analytics Portal.

Rainbow Office enforces rules for managing account data storage for optimal system performance and reliability. According to the enforcement of Rainbow Office's data request and storage policy, users have options for backing up data before it is deleted. 

The voicemail, fax messages, and call logs can be viewed through the Rainbow Office online account, Rainbow Office Phone for Desktop, and Rainbow Office Phone for Mobile

• Text messages (SMS/MMS) can be viewed through the Rainbow Office Phone for Desktop and Rainbow Office Phone for Mobile

NOTE: The Rainbow Office Retention Management API allows Account administrators to customize the Data Retention Policy to ensure the organization keeps less than 90 days of message data. See Retention Management API Overview for more information.


Click on the links below to learn more.

Account Data Backup Options

General Account Data Retention Guidelines (Rainbow Office US and CA)

Analytics Portal Account Data Retention Guidelines (Rainbow Office US and CA)


Account Data Backup Options

Rainbow Office Users can back up their account data using any of the following methods:

Download the data from the online account

Use the Rainbow Office Connect Platform API


Download the data from the online account

Users can download their voicemail, fax messages, call logs, and call recordings from the Rainbow Office online account.

 Email / Fax Messages
 (Download button in the Messages Tab)
 Email / Fax Messages
 (Email Notifications with message attachments)

 Call Recordings (Bulk Call Recordings download under  the Call Logs Tab)

(no maximum download size limit)
 Call Logs
 Call Logs
 (Email Call Logs Delivery)
(subject to 10,000 calls limit)


Use the Rainbow Office Connect Platform API

The Rainbow Office Connect Platform offers a family of Cloud APIs and SDKs that integrates voice, SMS, and fax communications and provides access to communications data. A beta program is available for Rainbow Office customers. Registration, documentation, and SDKs are available at developer.ringcentral.com.

API Links

IMPORTANT: If a user extension is deleted from the account, any call recordings or messages associated with this user will also be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. It is recommended to download and save any recordings or messages that need to be retained before deleting any user from your account.
Automatic Call Recordings 90 days 100,000 Recordings per account
On-Demand Call Recordings 90 days --
(Fax / Voice Messages)
 -- 200 messages
(Fax Messages)
30 days --
(Fax Messages)
 n/a n/a
Text Messages (SMS/MMS)  No limit


5,000 messages per folder, per User
(Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Deleted)

Call Log


12 months
(9 months in mobile apps on some accounts)

No limit
Rainbow Office App


• The Admin can set the retention policy to any number of days, although there are preset options for 30, 60, and 90 days. Once a policy is set on a nightly basis, all content older than the specified number of days will be deleted.

• Invite emails and password reset emails are enabled.

• Notifications email containing content (conversation posts, at-mention posts, etc.) are enabled.



NOTE: The Inbox message cap is 200. However, the messages are not deleted right away. Deleted messages are stored in the Deleted folder for 5 days. The system performs a periodic audit and automatically deletes the excess messages from any mailbox with over 200 messages. After which, the deleted messages are permanently removed from Rainbow Office's system and can no longer be retrieved. The maximum number of messages returns to 200 by then.


Analytics Portal Account Data Retention Guidelines

QoS 6 months
Performance 6 months
Company Numbers 6 months
Live Reports 24 hours
Device Status Reports 7 days


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