Low-TCO, hardworking Wi-Fi where everything connects. Quickly, simply, and securely. Now and for the future.

What does hardworking Wi-Fi mean for you and your business?

Benefits of Stellar Wi-Fi

  • Simplicity: High speed Wi-Fi with optimal radio coverage, yet simple to deploy and scale
  • Performance: Distributed intelligent architecture for better performance and high availability
  • User-centricity: Easy to connect to, excellent quality, secure user experience for employees and guests
  • IoT readiness: Unique IoT containment technology connects to any Wi-Fi device securely and automatically; use and deploy your own IoT solutions  with confidence
  • Analytics capability: Smart analytics monitor and control applications to help inform business decisions
  • Unified management: Native unified access for LAN and WLAN with cloud-enabled management that guarantees the best QoS
  • Evolution pathway: A futureproof solution built on the latest technologies, innovations and services

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ALE erweitert seine Mobile-Campus-Loesung

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise erweitert seine Mobile-Campus-Lösung um leistungsstarkes WLAN und LAN.


ALE unterstützt BMW International Open 2017 erneut als offi…

Die Infrastruktur von Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise wird eine Kommunikationsplattform mit lokalem Netzwerk (LAN), WLAN mit optimiertem Frequenzmanagement und IP-Telefonie bereitstellen.

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