ALE und PGi bieten Audiokonferenzen für das optimale UC&C-Erlebnis

Juli, 19, 2017

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow integriert PGi Audio, um die Unternehmenskommunikation zu optimieren.

Über Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise:

Carine Bowen

Global Press

Premier Global Services, Inc:

Kayla Reed

PGi, Senior Manager, Public Relations & Social Media

+1 404.234.9487

We’re excited to offer our GlobalMeet audio services to Rainbow users. PGi is in the business of helping companies be more connected while enabling their employees to be more productive. The GlobalMeet HD audio conferencing experience, coupled with Rainbow’s intuitive communications platform, will create an exceptional, all-around meeting experience for their end-users.
Pat Harper, CTO, PGi