Just over a year ago, our company ALE, operating under the brand Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise became an independent business with a split from Alcatel-Lucent, now known as Nokia.

And with that split now complete in nearly all offices across the world, the future of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a blank canvas and we have the paint brushes ready to go! And with our business partners, we OWN IT!

And to celebrate this new beginning, we are holding the 2016 edition of our executive partner event closer to home – in DUBAI! Yes, you read it right – on Feb 2 and 3, we will host over 100 attendees representing Distributors, Direct and Indirect Partners from across Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa (SEMEA) in Dubai, UAE. These will include some new recent entrants to our ecosystem such as Tuqnia (UAE), Tulipe Telecom (Tunisia) and Casanet (Morocco) as well as some as loyal partners who have been around 35 years, such as MAM International (Yemen).

Welcome to Dubai – the land of superlatives… home to the world’s tallest tower, the world’s largest shopping mall, the world’s largest man-made marina etc. The unparalleled growth of Dubai on the world stage has made the city more famous and recognized than the country. The Dubai Festival City venue will allow us to showcase an important customer using the entire Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise portfolio and highlight our relationship with the erstwhile Al-Futtaim Group, the sole shareholder of our long-time direct partner, Al-Futtaim Technologies.

As with most of the Middle-East, large swathes of Dubai are covered by sand and on Feb 2, we will drive partners out into the desert…for a pseudo Arabian Nights experience and end the evening with photo opportunities at Dubai’s main attractions. Feb 3 will revolve around the key business parameters such as strategy, directions, models, opportunity avenues etc. Oh, and we will have a Guest Speaker! Can’t share more else I’ll spoil the surprise. Stay tuned for photos and more info. See you there!

own it partner day 2016 dubai
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