Rainbow Office: Breaking down meeting barriers

Sebastien Baillot
November 17, 2021

Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral delivers all the features you need to connect your teams in today’s new work world.

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Businesses across the globe have had to pivot to meet the changing needs over the past year and a half. In that time, we've learned a lot about ourselves and our ability to adapt.

Those reluctant about working from home have adjusted, and even the remote working veterans have learned about new technologies that can support their teams for years to come. As we navigate the final throes of the global crisis, 84% of businesses are putting plans in place to adopt a hybrid or flexible working model.

One key thing organisations have learned along the way is that the need for genuine human connection isn't going away. As we increasingly take to hybrid or remote working, staying connected is crucial for the productivity and success of every team.

That means providing workers with the right tools. Tools, such as our recently launched Rainbow Office, with capabilities that support the workplace experience are paramount right now. With that in mind, we're excited to tell you about a whole host of new Rainbow Office features.

Side discussions, in any meeting, help move things to resolution. Breakout rooms let the host separate out small discussion groups within the same video session. Meeting, conference, or virtual classroom participants can split off into a breakout room to discuss the logistics of a project, conduct a quick brainstorm, or work on a file before rejoining the main meeting to discuss their findings or present their work.

Our new phones (the Myriad M3, M5, and M7 series) provide users, who enjoy having a deskphone, with a wide choice of ALE IP DeskPhones. The list of compatible phones available with assisted provisioning includes the ALE 8078s DeskPhone, Poly CCX series DeskPhones and Yealink T5x Series DeskPhones.

The new Rooms feature extends the power of video to conference rooms and meeting spaces that have dedicated video conferencing equipment. Getting started is simple. IT admins can use the admin portal to integrate multiple meeting rooms with a company’s preferred calendar system. They can also wirelessly pair their controller device (a tablet) with the room. Employees seamlessly sign into meetings in rooms, and benefit from all the security settings they enjoy on their Rainbow Office app.

When it comes to security, the Rainbow Office platform provides data protection compliant with government regulations such as the German verification framework, C5, a key security certification valid for all European cloud providers. This compliance ensures business data and customer information is protected under one of Europe's strictest data protection standards. Check out this recent blog to find out more about why C5 security attestation matters.

One of the challenges with today’s new work environment has been the inability to replicate the office’s impromptu, water-cooler style interactions within the virtual workspace. The team huddle collaborative feature lets colleagues gather for spontaneous chats and creative troubleshooting. Anyone can open a team huddle within the app, identify a topic, notify their team, and members can join or decline if it isn't relevant to them. How cool is that!

The key to any successful app is to ensure a positive user experience — that means keeping up with ever-evolving user demands. To enhance the overall user experience we’ve added: 

  • Video backgrounds
  • Ability to automatically activate ‘do not disturb’ during video meetings
  • Central processing unit (CPU) optimisation during screen share
  • Full localisation of the Rainbow Office video interface
  • Attach files from One Drive and SharePoint
  • Work hour definition directly from the app user settings

The rise of permanent hybrid work means we’re unlikely to go back to fully in-person meetings. The good news is, today’s video meeting (along with team messaging and phones) capabilities provided by Rainbow Office can support teamwork, wherever your colleagues happen to be.

Isn’t it time to try out these features during your next video meeting and break down your meeting barriers?

Check out Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral to learn more about how to optimise your productivity as part of today’s new hybrid workplace.

Sebastien Baillot

Sebastien Baillot

Product Line Manager of Rainbow Office

Product Line Manager of Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral, within the Cloud Business Engine organization. Sebastien Baillot, as Product Line Manager of Rainbow Office, is responsible for the offer management, solution definition, and business model definition. Sebastien joined Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise as member of the Partner Program team. Previous positions within the company include: account and contracts management, accreditation manager, project manager and product line manager, in charge of ordering processes industrialization. In 2021, he joined the Cloud Communication Business Division (CCBD) to take care of the new Rainbow Office solution. Sebastien holds a License degree in company management by quality standards from Couffignal high school, Strasbourg – France.

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