Max Welscheid, Ryan Gibbons and Ben O’Connor are NTT Pro Cycling Team performers at the moment as they win stages at different races in 24 hours.

That’s an excellent start of the 2020 season for the NTT Pro Cycling Team!

The team attended simultaneously 4 races on 4 different continents and they performed greatly as they had 3 wins in 24 hours.

• Ben O’Connor first won stage 4 of Etoiles de Besseges in France.

• Max Welschied win stage 3 of Tour of Langkawi in Malaysia after respectively winning fourth and second place in prior stages.

• Ryan Gibbons saw his dream come true by being rewarded as a South African champion during the SA Road Championship.

Check the riders feeling after winning on the team’s online newsletter: https://www.datasetsandbeatinghearts.com/

Etoile de Besseges – France

Etoile de Besseges team introduction blog body image

Etoile de Besseges Team Cycling Together blog body image

Etoile de Besseges Ben winning 1 blog body image

Etoile de Besseges Ben Winning 2 blog body image

Tour of Langkawi - Australia

Tour of Langkawi NTT cycling group landscape

Tour of Langkawi max winning blog body image

Tour of Langkawi Max hugging NTT blog body image

Tour of Langkawi max on stage ntt shirt blog body image

Tour of Langkawi max on stage turquoise shirt blog body image

SA Road Race – South Africa

SA Road Race Happy Ryan blog body image

SA Road Race Podium blog body image

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