Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise customers and prospects attended stage 4 and 5 of Tour de France to discover the backstage of this amazing race

On July 9th and 10th, lucky & excited customers joined Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise for a VIP experience at the heart of the Tour de France.

On the 9th of July, for Stage 4 of the Tour, our guests discovered the paddock and the backstage with the Team Dimension Data bus where Doug Ryder described the ALE technology in terms of connectivity, collaboration & asset tracking. What a golden opportunity to discover the backstage & the material, see the riders, enjoy the ride with great pilots, and experience the helicopter tour to follow in real time the cyclists from the air!

At stage 5 on July 10th,  we welcomed customers at the departure stage together with our partner NXO. ALE offered them the occasion to meet the riders, get a detailed tour from Doug Ryder on how ALE enables the team to be fully connected and see the hidden side of the famous centenary Tour de France.

Team dimension data Tour de France stage 4.1

Team dimension data Tour de France stage 4.3

team dimension data tour de france stage 4.4

team dimension data tour de france stage 5

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Paola Pernigotti

Paola Pernigotti

Global Head of Brand and Media in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Global Head of Brand and Media in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

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