Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka professional cycling team rides at Tour de Romandie and Tour de Yorkshire

Switzerland – April 30th 2019
United Kingdom - May 2nd 2019

ALE VIPs cheered on Team Dimension Data at the Tour de Romandie and Tour de Yorkshire this week. The events provided the opportunity to show ALE’s technology in support of TDD in action to ALE customers present on site. This included mission-critical WiFi connectivity in the team cars and buses, asset tracking in the HQ and race environments, Cloud collaboration and advanced applications delivering operational efficiencies.

Team dimension data tour of normandie and yorkshire 2 blog body image

Team dimension data tour of normandie and yorkshire 1 blog body image

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Paola Pernigotti

Paola Pernigotti

Head of Marketing South Europe & Middle East and Africa, ALE

Head of Marketing South Europe & Middle East and Africa, ALE.

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