NTT ProCycling Team becomes the first winner of the Virtual Tour de France

While the world fights against a crisis, NTT ProCycling keeps on fighting for his cause in saving lives with bicycles; and attend virtual cycling events such as the Virtual Tour de France. This race was the occasion for them to continue their training and maintain their performance at the top to better come back to the real Tour de France, end of August 2020.

For the virtual event, the team regrouped in their Lucca Training Camp to ride together for the two last weeks of the race.

See videos of the Virtual Tour de France experience from inside the team in the latest posts of the “Data sets and beating hearts” newsletter: https://www.datasetsandbeatinghearts.com/

See in the video below, how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helps NTT ProCycling connect to achieve their great successes: 

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Paola Pernigotti

Paola Pernigotti

Global Head of Brand and Media in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Global Head of Brand and Media in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

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