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Cristina Grigoras
May 14, 2018

Your guests want to interact with you from their smartphones, even when they're on your premises.

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Your guests want to communicate with you from wherever they are whenever the need arises. This means guests are increasingly pulling out mobile devices from their pocket (or purse) to ask questions, make or change a reservation, order a service. You can add value to your services by adding features that allow easier room booking, multiple changes, and seamless communication during the entire journey to entice guests to stay at your property.

Here are some ways to enable a digital guest engagement:

1. Communication all along the guest journey 
The last thing you want to happen is for a guest to decide at the last minute to not book a room at your property because they cannot get their questions answered, change the date or add a service.

2. Allow your guests to contact you before their arrival 
Everyone loves convenience, especially during travel preparations or a long day’s journey. Be there for your guests during their transit, answer their questions or offer them easy access to frequent answers. Simplify their lives, prepare their arrival and they will appreciate it. But most of all: maintain contact with your guests during this period and it will allow you to dynamically manage your rooms availability by confirming or cancelling guest stays in real-time. 

3. Allow guests to communicate with your teams and order services from their devices 
Many hotels offer guests mobile devices upon their arrival. This sounds nice in theory, but it proves costly and complicated to manage in the long run: phones need to be maintained, repaired and updated. Also, according to several studies, guests already travel with one or two devices. Why not use their own devices to give them access to your team and services? Offer them free Wi-Fi, easy access to your hotel directory and a human voice at the end of the line and both your guests and your IT team will thank you!

When you integrate the Rainbow communication platform into your reservation center, guests can chat with chat bots for frequently asked questions, start a voice call, a video chat, or even share their screen with a representative for personal assistance. Guests have the answers they need, bookings are completed quicker and the instant communication allows you to make rooms readily available in case of last minute cancellation.

4. Push relevant notifications to guest devices 
You have a direct guest contact now, why not use it to offer higher added-value, personalized services? Hotels can enable e-concierge services through push notifications, which entices guests to use property amenities or offer real-time promotions or services vouchers depending on the guest location. And also, to inform guests of any emergency and guide them to the nearest safe place or exit. 

5. Communicate with guests after their stay 
Having a continuous guest engagement means you can also have control over the feedback stage. Allow your guests not only to contact you, but also rate their stay and give you continuous feedback from their mobile application. This will not only allow you to have more control over your rating as guests will not give their feedbacks on rating websites, but it will also allow you to react more rapidly and adapt your service in consequence.

Hotels that go the extra mile and provide a level of service that is only possible through using mobile technology will benefit not only in return guests and increased bookings, but in more positive online reviews – which drives future bookings. Mobility in Hospitality is not something to be added onto your website anymore but instead, needs to be at the heart of how you serve your guests from first click to checkout.  

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Cristina Grigoras

Cristina Grigoras

Strategic industries marketing at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Cristina is a marketing and communication specialist with 10 years experience in telecommunication, media and advertising. Currently Strategic Industries Marketing Manager at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. Before this role, she was Services and Professional Services Marketing-Communications with ALE. But also Brand and Strategy Manager in business media, advertising and the publishing industry. 

"My media background sparked my passion for stories. My telecom background taught me how a customer need, answered with a personalized and elegant solution, can bring together separate systems and ultimately people, to carry a business closer to its vision and its customers. Or how we say in ALE, how to make everything and everyone connect. My blog posts cover these type of experiences, our customers' and our own champions' stories, backed by industry trends."

Cristina is a Chartered Marketer and holds a Communications and P.R. degree with the University of Bucharest. 

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