The Centre Hospitalier d’Auch needed to modernize its network infrastructure in order to make it more reliable and offer better services to users.

  • Country: France
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Solution: Business Telephony, Data Center

The Centre Hospitalier d’Auch (CH d’Auch), located in south-west France, has 7 divisions: Medical - emergency, Medical - metabolic diseases, Medical - technical, Mother and child, Geriatrics, Medico-surgical techniques, as well as Logistics and Administration. Some 110 medical specialists practice at the CH d’Auch. In 2014, the center recorded 27,404 hospitalizations, 51,146 consultations, 20,492 visits to the emergency room and 7,412 medical acts under anesthesia.

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The solution offered by Axians and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has enabled us to bring our infrastructure up to speed and build a solid foundation for the future. With these changes, the CH d’Auch can provide an even better service for patients.

Jean-Christophe Zerbini, Assistant Director of Purchasing, Logistics, Construction and IS/IT, CH d’Auch


  • After conducting an audit of the existing system, the CH d’Auch saw the need to modernize its network infrastructure.

  • They needed a network that would be more reliable and offer better services to users.

  • Due to uneven coverage across the facility, Wi-Fi telephones were not enabling mobility, an essential requirement for the hospital’s staff.

  • They needed a solution which would be financially compatible with the hospital’s tight budget.

Products & Solutions


  • 4070 DECT Base Station IO-RF
  • 8232 DECT Handset
  • OmniVista 2500 Network Management System 
  • OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server
  • 6900 Stackable LAN Switch
  • OmniSwitch 6450 Stackable Gigabit Ethernet LAN Switch
  • OmniAccess WLAN Access Points




  • The CH d’Auch now has the optimal bandwidth required for a modern hospital applications like medical imagery storage, videoconferencing, etc.
  • The convergent IP solution is scalable, allowing the hospital to continue developing its services in the future.


  • The CH d’Auch qualified for, and received, government grants (municipal, regional and national) thanks to the infrastructure renewal project.

User Experience:

  • The new DECT phones facilitate staff mobility and no user complaints have been recorded since their implementation.
  • Patients have better access to Wi-Fi.
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