Kloster Hegne installed a modern and cost-effective telephony solution to better help the sick, disabled and elderly.

  • Country: Germany
  • Industry: Services, Healthcare
  • Solution: Business Telephony

Kloster Hegne which is located in Germany, is a convent and community whose aim is to help the sick, elderly, unemployed and disabled people. Kloster Hegne installed a modern and cost-effective telephony solution.

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The new solution runs failure-free and to our utter satisfaction. After a great training course we only had some detailed questions, which were answered friendly and capably.

Mr. Scherrieb, Executive Director, Kloster Hegne


  • Kloster Hegne had an outdated and obsolete telecommunications system that included both analog and digital devices
  • They required a cost-effective solution that could meet their budget constraints and still provide all necessary services
  • Another requirement was that the solution could work congruently with the existing alarm system to increase security in case of an incident

Products & Solutions
  • The new Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise system is integrated with the house’s existing Microsoft platform which allows fax, answering machines, and operations to be run on any PC
  • A cost-effective solution that combines existing analog and digital telephones with modern IP terminals
  • Advanced telephony features for the convent members whose responsiveness has been increased to support the people in need
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