Remote visual assistance and collaboration reduce non-resolved interventions, optimise operations and customer service

  • Country: France
  • Industry: Energy & Utilities
  • Solution: Rainbow

The SARP Group is specialised in in the fields of sanitation, industrial maintenance and special waste collection for sustainable development

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We noticed that the number of unresolved interventions was divided by 3. This had a huge impact on the field teams and freed up quality time. On the first project where we used the application, we saved 5 to 6 hours of work, a significant gain.

Claire Dechelotte, Head of innovative and digital projects in the technical and innovations department at sarp (veolia).

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  • SARP Group needed a collaborative solution for their field operators which could help divide the number of unresolved interventions (15% of the total)
  • The solution would have to meet important technical constraints so as not to affect the operators' safety during interventions as well as ergonomics and compatibility with other existing tools
  • SARP was looking for a trusted partner who could provide long-term support and visibility on the functionalities over time

Products & Solutions


  • Rainbow™ by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
  • Remote Visual Assistance by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise


  • Rainbow


  • Remote visual assistance has reduced the number of unresolved interventions by a factor of 3 and saved 30 minutes per day per person
  • Simplified visual communication and remote assistance between the operators and the back-office, allowed the operators to see what the operator sees.
  • Short adoption curve (15 minutes), ease of use 
  • The use of images and videos has increased the resolution of interventions and disputes
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