From 1/25/2021

To 1/28/2021

The Age-friendly Cities Conference and Exhibition 2021 (AFC2021) – Dirk Dumortier from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise will be speaking on “Innovation for active and healthy ageing."

The Age-friend cities conference is designed to introduce Best Practices and served as a mechanism to create a deep understanding of what is involved in the creation of vibrant, cohesive and sustainable age-friendly cities. The event provides the foundation for the creation of a global network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities.

ALE age-care industry and solution expert, Dirk Dumortier, will talk about the Advanced Technology and Devices for Age-Friendly Housing and Care Facilities. In his session, he will cover:

  • The different available technologies to encourage independent living and to optimize the age-care service delivery
  • The minimum requirements to implement these technologies (for building architects and care facilities).
  • The issues and solutions to create a very dynamic Age-Care delivery service via “Care with Tech-as-a-Service” (for home care providers)
  • Integration, the key to success
  • More...

Find out more about the event here

We at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise understand that Aged care is not Healthcare, so we need to look at Aged Care with a different perspective than Healthcare. Evolutions in mobility and the IoT are directly impacting the network infrastructure, driving enterprises to fundamentally reconsider their technology choices.