From 4/27/2020

Discover how a BLE-based asset tracking solution enables you to locate patients, clinicians and medical equipment in real-time

Traditional Asset Tracking has been around in healthcare for a few years using technologies including RFID, Wi-Fi, ultrasound and infrared.

Many of them in combinations since each has its own weaknesses for location accuracy. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is launching a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) asset tracking solution that gets rid of multiple technologies, exciters, etc. delivering a uniform technology that enables you to locate patients and clinicians in real-time, contain the spread of disease such as COVID-19, improve operational workflows, strengthen personnel security and reduce or eliminate the cost of replacing equipment that has been misplaced and/or not regularly serviced.

The benefits of Asset Tracking include, but are not limited to:

1. Quickly locating medical and non-medical equipment, enabling clinicians to have more time to spend with patients.

2. Real-time and historical analytics, which provides administrators with the information to Improve patient care and operational workflows.

3. Set up virtual zones and get automated notifications to protect wandering patients, new born babies and patients with contagious disease such as COVID-19.

4. Increase equipment utilization and longevity with location awareness and scheduled maintenance reminders. All this and more. Tune into our 45-minute webinar for more information.

Asset Tracking Webinar image