From 8/14/2020

Join our team of experts to learn more about Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Digital Age Networking solutions

Most network operations are manually executed using the command line interface. This leads to human errors, which results in misconfigured network devices, security risks, and outages.

Because of this, businesses are transitioning to automation services that will complete tasks for them with fewer errors and time spent. Nearly a quarter of all infrastructure services will have autonomous, self-managing capabilities by 2021 to speed business outcomes and mitigate the risk of human error. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise automates the deployment of the network and makes moves, adds and changes simple, reducing the time and effort it takes to maintain and operate a network. Important events happening on the network are properly correlated to allow the network to make autonomous decision to improve operations and the business. Join our network experts for this 30-minute webinar followed by a Q&A session.
2 sessions planned on September 8th
September 10th
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