From 2/4/2020

To 2/6/2020

During our February event, together with our Partners, we will explore the next steps of our joint success journey.

Because we believe in the powerful combination of our Partners’ and our people, who continue every day to move our joint business forward, it is important to get this global group together for shared learning and networking.

You, our valued Business Partners will join us in enchanting Dubai. The largest city of the seven Emirates, with its ever-changing skyline and man-made wonders, is a unique place, where what is possible is being continually pushed to the very limit.

In 2019, we proudly celebrated 100 years of our company. During our Event in February, we will explore together with you the next steps on our journey to ensure the company celebrates 200 years!

You will learn about our 2020 Strategy and how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise will accompany you to help your business be even more successful with our Cloud, Network and Communications solutions tailored for our key vertical markets.

Our Partner Event will also include:

  • Panel Discussions, with representation from each region, sharing best practice with case studies and wins.
  • Product Roadmap session designed to show how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise continues to help you solve key business issues for your customers.

Please note that participation for this 2020 Partner Event is by individual invitation only.

We look forward to welcoming our global Partner community in Dubai!