From 11/5/2018

To 11/8/2018

See how Cognitive Communications is optimizing the care pathway. Meet us for a Demo at HIMSS 2018, booth #312 in Brisbane, QLD

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Meet us at HIMSS 2018 and explore how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises (ALE’s) cognitive communication is helping connect patients, doctors and nurses. Cognitive Communications can offer a multitude of services for patients, doctors and nurses. It can Improve the care pathway for patients by simplifying access to information as well as automating basic tasks and requests. The digital transformation of healthcare is creating huge data depositories like we have never had before. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and BOTs to find commonalities or abnormalities in the data, will help to provide clinical guidance and potential solutions to complex health issues by applying data analytics combined with the doctor’s experience and training.

The real challenge with digital transformation for Healthcare providers, is to leverage clinical data while using enhanced connectivity and collaboration to promote better health outcomes. To learn how ALE’s solutions can help you enable Healthcare professionals and patients, stop by booth #312 and see our Demos:

  • Use of AI and Bots with Cognitive Communications- Artificial Intelligence and Bot applications are helping healthcare providers to address specific areas of patient care that make the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment not only to be effective but also accurate and accessible.
  • Notifications and Messaging – Opentouch Notification Server improves real-time situational awareness and personal safety. It provides a flexible, easy-to-install alarm and notification system with a native integration to telephony, messaging and applications.
  • Tele-health Virtual Waiting Room - See how health practitioners and patients can leverage cloud based communications and virtualization to perform remote consultation and initial consultation. Physicians can remotely guide patients through an initial consult and do a wide range of health checks and visual observation. This can assist in determining if a visit to a G.P. or Hospital is required.

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