From 6/4/2019

To 6/7/2019

Join us at ITS America booth #449 to see how ALE connects transportation subsystems with technology that works for all users of roads & transportation

ALE is pleased to present the following demonstration at ITS America - booth #449:

Approvisioning: Ethernet Field Device Deployment with a Simple Click

Description: DoTs are faced with a challenge – more sophisticated ITS applications (especially video applications) are needing more sophisticated networking technologies from managed field Ethernet switches, but networking expertise is in short supply. With ALE, you don’t need to compromise: you can have a sophisticated network that is also fantastically easy to provision, maintain and monitor. Managed field Ethernet switches from ALE can be provisioned in seconds – with no specialized knowledge -- thanks to automated configuration templates selected from a smartphone.

This demonstration will walk you through the steps needed to deploy or replace an ALE managed field Ethernet switch – from the NOC, to the truck, to the roadside.

  • Automate the provisioning of your managed field Ethernet switch
    • Create templates that configure your field switches differently depending on geographic location (GPS), serial number or MAC address.
  • Deploy or replace a managed field Ethernet switch in seconds
    • ITS Technician can deploy a new switch with Android SmartApp – no need for networking expertise.
  • Connect to the NOC for guided installation if needed
    • ITS Technician can use ALE Rainbow app (iOS and Android, PC and Mac) for real-time voice and video conversations with NOC-based experts.
  • Manage and monitor your field Ethernet switches from your desk or your living room
    • NOC can easily reconfigure or troubleshoot network and connected PoE devices using powerful web-based network management software.
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