From 4/25/2018

To 4/26/2018

Join us to discover Digital Innovations for Transportation

Join Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise transportation industry customers and consultants at our "Digital Innovations for Transportation" event*. We encourage you to come and hear ALE's vision supporting the transportation industry and see live demos on innovative technology that enable the digital traveler experience. You will find below, the overall agenda for the event. As you can see, we will have a couple of customers share their perspectives on their own digital transformation journey as well as having a presentation from IBM Watson on "Engaging Passengers with Cognitive Communications". 

Agenda Day 1: Wednesday 25th
Arrival of the participants

12:45 PM: Welcome Lunch

✓ Disruptive innovations for transportation 2030 by Nicolas Bouzou, Economist
✓ Digital transformation deployment in rail from a customer's perspective 
✓ ALE Transportation strategy overview 
IBM Watson and ALE, Engaging Passengers with Cognitive Communications 
✓ Network infrastructure vision for transportation 
✓ Transforming the passenger experience with digital communications 
✓ Innovations for revenue generation (use cases)

Agenda Day 2: Thursday 26th

8:45 AM: Welcome

✓ Building your safety critical infrastructure for IoT 
✓ Emergency notification and communications in transport 
✓ When innovation brings operational efficiency

Demo area #1 Walk into the virtual ALE Airport
Demo area #2 Beyond secured IoT connectivity, the IoT communication
Demo area #2 LBS, understanding the technology through usage
Demo area #3 Onboard solution for connected vehicles
Demo area #3 Emergency and safety security communication

✓ Airport passenger challenges and opportunities from a customer's perspective 


1:00 PM: Lunch

And please take the opportunity to network with other transportation customers from the Rail, Air, Road and Logistics industries as well as some major consultants who will be in attendance. It will be a great occasion to share and learn from each other's experiences.

*This is an invitation-only event

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