Company remains committed to best interest of customers and partners amid U.S. and China trade war

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise today announced they will absorb most of the additional tariffs imposed on a handful of its enterprise products and services.  The new pricing will go into effect August 1, 2019.  However, all quotes validated with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise before July 31, 2019 with a respective order placed before August 31, 2019 will receive current pricing.  This is the result of the cost consequences brought on by the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China and the Company’s interest in providing business partners and customers the best options for their digital transformation.

“The broader impact of economic factors like tariffs on U.S. imports, shifts in the market or new technologies present challenges not only to us but to our partners. With the announcement of the latest tariff increase, we have chosen to absorb much of the required increases to minimize disruption to customer’s budgets and projects due to unforeseen circumstances,” said Stephan Robineau, President, ALE USA Inc.

“At Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, we have built our business for the past 100 years by supporting our customers through times of change,” said Mike Mullarkey, EVP North American Sales, ALE. “While other vendors have chosen to pass along costs to customers and partners, we’ve chosen to work with our customers and partners to adapt to economic shifts and assure their business’ best interests.”

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