ALE Location-Based Services deliver game changing experience

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise today announced it has enhanced its Wireless LAN solution providing businesses a way to enhance digital engagement and improve customer experience, while building loyalty via Location-Based Services (LBS).  

The number of people using a mobile phone is forecasted to surpass five billion by 2019*. Similar research shows customers are more likely to buy when messages are tailored for them, based on the environment. LBS technology allows businesses to build an advantage around customers living in a mobile world with better customer engagement and experiences, while gaining revenue opportunities leveraging user location.  

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar LBS capabilities enable businesses to offer individual, customized and rich end-user experiences via various services. Using LBS, businesses can measure, analyze and optimize how their premises are used then use the collected information to boost revenue and reduce cost by optimizing employee efficiency. The ALE solution leverages both existing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) infrastructure of a user’s mobile device and Stellar Wi-Fi for location-based services.

Key Capabilities
OmniAccess Stellar LBS is optimized for a wide range of use cases covering various verticals including healthcare, education, transportation, etc. The Stellar LBS Fusion Algorithm leverages various smart phone embedded sensors - including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, accelerometer, etc – to provide precise location services while minimizing the use of cell phone battery. Stellar LBS adapts to a range of environments and provides a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor locations, including an innovative solution like Smart Park, which auto-locates where a car is parked.

Stellar LBS provides easy to use facility navigation in office buildings, airports, hospitals, venues, or across a university campus. It enables push marketing services for sharing information on new products, special offers or discounts being promoted based on the precise location of the customer. Additionally, Stellar LBS collects information on behavior or usage patterns which can be analyzed to help business tailor offers and services for customers to increase engagement and enhance customer experience.

Stellar LBS Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons leverage a military grade battery to ensure continuous operation for 5-10 years which is double the life most beacons offer. Long life beacons drastically reduce operating expenditure of location services and ensure smooth location services for a longer period.

Finally, with a cloud-based management tool, the Stellar LBS Cloud Manager simplifies implementation, operations and maintenance of an indoor location services creating a highly scalable, very accurate and simple to operate BLE infrastructure.

Nicolas Duez, Wireless business lead at ALE said, “The ALE LBS solution can enhance the way businesses engage with their end-users and employees. It allows enterprises to understand end-user behavior in a more meaningful way to adjust the work environment and provide better customer service.”

*2018 Statista Mobile phone users worldwide 2013-2019 report.

From easy-to-use facility navigation in a building, enhancing the guest experience during a hotel stay, or contributing to safety across a university campus, to improving utilization of staff in a hospital for location aware incident response, Stellar LBS helps transform the Wi-Fi experience and network usage to create more value.

Nicolas Duez, Wireless business lead, ALE

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