ALE brings cloud and on demand services for UC&C and network infrastructure to Australia and Singapore.

ALE, operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand, is launching new business models for partners and customers to take advantage of alternative methods to purchase and consume technology. As advances in technology drive a digital transformation in business operations, accessing IT services on an on-demand fashion opens up business benefits that protect operational investment and deliver productive, collaborative tools.

Businesses are challenged to afford the frequent changes in IT technology and seek a better way to match technology expenses with business needs. They also find it difficult to acquire the skills to support and operate new technologies. To relieve these challenges, according to IDC, “By 2020, 80% of IT infrastructure will be on a pay-as-you-go basis.” This new consumption model from ALE offers companies an alternative to capital expenditure, enabling them to focus investment in key business priorities, while linking infrastructure operational spending with changes in their business requirements.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise new consumption based technology models support companies’ goals to purchase networking on a consumption use-basis or obtain innovative workplace collaboration and interactive tools from the cloud. Two new services from ALE include:

  • Alcatel-Lucent Network on Demand (NOD), a pay-per-use networking (LAN and WLAN) service being launched in Australia, enables businesses to gain the latest networking technology on a pay-per-use basis.

Network on Demand is a unified and secure LAN/WiFi managed service and in Australia will be delivered via partners Nexon, BTAS and UXC Connect (now a company of CSC) With its automated, “out-of-the box” cloud managed tools, business partners offering managed services simplify operations and improve the satisfaction of their customers.

  • Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ Workplace delivers collaborative team interactions as a borderless and free, cloud-based, mobile and desktop communications application that is installed with the click of a button. From a functional perspective, it will encompass IM, presence, voice and video conversation. Rainbow will interoperate with a range of PABX vendors, enabling customers to extend the life of their on-premise PABX infrastructure. It will be available worldwide in Q4/2016.

These two new services follow the already successful UCaaS offering known as Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch® Enterprise Cloud (OTEC). OTEC is already helping businesses like Accor Hotels Asia-Pacific to offer customers easy access to connect to the internet, improving the guest experience with advanced technology while saving on operational costs.

Steve Saunders, APAC Cloud Director, ALE said, “Many industries today are cyclic in nature and it’s in these industries that new business models will help business adopt the technology transformation. The new business models strategy simply allows a customer to change the way they buy utility services of network, communications and collaboration and transition from being an owner of infrastructure assets to being a consumer of infrastructure services.”

Steve further added that these new products make up what we call our new business model approach. We empower our customers to adopt to this digital transformation– and are working with our business partners, not on a technological level but on a business outcomes level to assure our customer’s success.” Businesses in Australia and Singapore will be able to leverage these new business models in the coming months.

Rob McCabe, General Manager, UXC Connect, ALE business partner said: “We have been a long time Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise business partner and it is great to see them leading the way in supporting our clients and our mission by providing true consumption based solutions. This not new to ALE, we have built other OTEC offerings and have been providing this service to many clients over the last few years.”

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Our company is a leading provider of enterprise communications solutions and services, from the office to the cloud, marketed under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand. Building on our established heritage of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, we operate globally with 2700+ employees in 100+ countries worldwide, with headquarters near Paris, France.

With communications, networking, and cloud solutions for business of all sizes, our team of technology experts, service professionals, and 2900+ partners serve more than 830,000 customers worldwide, tailoring and adapting our solutions and services to local requirements. This provides tangible business outcomes through personalized connected experiences for customers and end users.

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When everything connects the right way, information, people, teams and your entire business will work together, better. It’s a simple, yet powerful idea. It’s our way of working.

Jack Chen, CEO, ALE

About Us

About Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers the customised technology experiences enterprises need to make everything connect.

ALE provides digital-age networking, communications and cloud solutions with services tailored to ensure customers’ success, with flexible business models in the cloud, on premises, and hybrid. All solutions have built-in security and limited environmental impact.

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