Rainbow will help hoteliers enhance the entire guest experience.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has adapted its mobile, cloud-based integrated communications solution, Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™, to the hospitality market and eco-system. The Rainbow app is a cloud-based Unified Collaboration service (UCaaS) that makes additional collaboration services available to users regardless of their existing communications system. Thanks to the open APIs, Rainbow natively integrates into a hotel’s eco-system, and supports features like AI, interactive kiosks, voice recognition and PMS. It enables mobile, digital collaboration for guests and the entire hotel community with audio/video calls, chat and screen sharing. And adds artificial intelligence processes into the conversation for a 24/7 awareness and reactivity.

Rainbow will help hoteliers enhance the entire guest experience with a continuous, highly personalized connection on the guests' own mobile devices via chat or voice. As well on the operations side, it enables multimedia collaboration for the entire hotel community: Staff, partners, suppliers who can connect and collaborate in real-time, on the move, from anywhere on the property. Security protocols ensure the hotel data is perfectly safe, as Rainbow ranks A+ with Qualys SSL security tests. Cloud availability makes it easy to adopt and cost-effective for any hotel.

ALE offers a full range Hospitality solutions which include: adapted Wi-Fi access points for rooms, common areas, high-density areas and outdoor, location-based services, IoT Containment for security with a range of devices coming on/off the network, enterprise-grade voice, and intelligent phone sets with digital butler services.

Thierry Bonnin, Vertical markets leader, ALE
“Thanks to the Rainbow openness we were able to create a single, mobile solution connecting the front and back of the house, fully adapted for the hospitality ecosystem. Rainbow can connect not only guests to staff members via eConcierge and eKiosks integrations, or team members via back office or voice integrations, but also the hospitality processes such as Property Management Systems, IoT hubs, sensors and so on. This allows the entire hotel community - both human and artificial - to join the conversation. It can be used for back office collaboration like digital briefings, advanced guest service like location-based notifications, but also to send notifications from eBeacons, presence, intrusion, temperature or water pools sensors to the right persons in charge of security or maintenance. The integrations are limitless.”

Matthieu Destot, Executive VP, Sales & Marketing, ALE
“We have been accompanying hospitality players for 20 years and we want to help them make the right transition to digital engagement and mobility, securely. Therefore, we have adapted our solution lines to the specificities of this market. To embrace the diverse eco-system integrations, but most of all answer the growing challenges that hotels are facing: OTAs or increased digital pressure from guests. We want to be a one-stop-shop, fully converged and integrated provider for this industry.”

Thanks to the Rainbow openness we were able to create a single, mobile solution connecting the front and back of the house, fully adapted for the hospitality ecosystem.

Thierry Bonnin,Vertical markets leader, ALE 

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