Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise showcases the connected guest experience and the hotel rooms of the future at Hotelkompetenzzentrum.

Showcasing the hotel rooms of the future, ALE today announced it is showcasing its smart hospitality solutions at the Hotelkompetenzzentrum with long-standing partner ETK networks solution GmbH. These interactive hotel rooms enable hoteliers to directly engage with cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and discover how they quickly and easily integrate to create a personalized hotel experience.

In the digital guest rooms, hoteliers can see how easy it is to build digital engagement services based on emerging technologies such as voice command, mobile communications, artificial intelligence, room control and location-based services. They can experience first-hand how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise networking and communications solutions provide the building blocks to offer simple and secure access to digital services across multiple devices.

The interactive hotel rooms have been designed to help hotel managers discover the mobility, accessibility and health and safety benefits that hospitality technology can bring for their guests and staff. Connecting people, processes and smart ‘things’ through an IoT hub means guest requests, service updates and emergency notifications can be immediately directed to the right person through voice, video, text or in-app alerts.

To find out more about how ALE technology helps create the hotel room of the future, visit rooms 254 and 255 at Hotelkompetenzzentrum GmbH, Sonnenstraße 19, 85764 Oberschleißheim, Germany.


Christophe Ameline, Head of Vertical Markets Strategy & Offer, ALE

“We have created the building blocks for delivering unique digital guest experiences and wanted to share it with hoteliers, so they see the technology first-hand before they invest. At the Hotelkompetenzzentrum, they can see how different elements of hotel technology can be built up and integrated to fit their own individual needs, size and capabilities.”

Thomas Hoffmann, Channel Sales Manager, ALE

“Some time ago telephone calls were a source of income for hotels, but today’s smartphones require a different setup. The Mobile Guest Softphone helps guests inside and outside of the hotel to discover new activities, cool places, events and different services. It also helps answer questions they might have, such as what’s on the menu today? Where is the gym? Can I book two seats in the theater or get guided to this trendy bar? Even after check-out, the hotel can stay close to the guest, offering promotions and easy booking for their next visit.”

Hotel Kompetenz Zentrum
Hotel guests are increasingly looking for digital services and personalization. The interactive hotel rooms are a great way to showcase how technology can boost digital engagement and deliver a superior user experience, and we are happy to work with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to make it possible. But of course, it’s not just hotel guests who benefit from modern technology. The smart solutions displayed in the Hotelkompetenzzentrum are applicable to other industries such as healthcare and education.

Richard Alexy, CEO, ETK Networks

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