Together with TIM, part of Telecom Italy, ALE is delivering OpenTouch cloud services for phone, mobile, collabroation and video communication enhancing TIM's smart working business solution.

TIM and ALE, operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand, announced today a new version of TIM solution “Nuvola IT Comunicazione Integrata.” Ddeveloped in partnership by the two companies, the new capabilities aim to extend TIM's offering of solutions for smart working to businesses in Italy.

Tarrgeted to medium-to-large Italian companies, “Nuvola IT Comunicazione Integrata” by TIM combines voice services with innovative Unified Communication solutions, provided in a cloud and managed in TIM data centers. Now also available on “Nuvola IT Comunicazione Integrata”, the Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud solution enables a fully converged workstation which integrates PC, phone and smartphone to provide advanced collaboration features such as VoIP, chat, instant messaging, video-communication and document sharing. Users will be able to easily connect and share information from anywhere and over any device. The solution also allows using custom and pro features on the chosen device, as well as switching across different devices according to the context of the conversation.

The new release enriches TIM portfolio of smart working solutions, which includes landline and mobile network infrastructures (ADSL, fiber and LTE), widespread Wi-Fi and NFC networks, cloud computing, ICT services and platforms for collaboration and Unified Communication, security, applications and mobile devices. Thanks to its assets and skills, besides being an important enabler for the diffusion of smart working at a business level, TIM has started the implementation of an innovative work organization model based on digital innovation, collaboration and time/space optimization. After involving ten cities in the first step, in the future this ambitious project will be extended to the whole business population.

When everything connects the right way, information, people, teams and your entire business will work together, better. It’s a simple, yet powerful idea. It’s our way of working.

Jack Chen, CEO, ALE

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