Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partners with Infocomm Group to revolutionize UAE, Oman’s hospitality sector

Strategic partnership will focus on raising awareness of innovative technology driving the guest experience in the hospitality sector

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise today announced it has aligned with Infocomm Group, a leading ICT solution, smart parking solutions and technology services provider, to deliver unique and innovative guest experiences throughout Oman and UAE hospitality businesses.

The two companies will roll out ALE’s entire portfolio in Oman as well as UAE and set the industry standard for digital solutions across the hospitality sector. According to the relationship, Infocomm will focus on the retail and sales, ALE will be involved in implementing the solutions, leverage FVC to serve as the value-added distributor in this partnership.

The growth of hospitality and tourism in Oman provides an opportunity for ALE and its partners to create an improved user experience by helping hotels and properties make the shift to delivering digital services. From enriching the guest experience, reducing infrastructure costs and improving hotel operations, the ALE next-generation communications, data networking and wireless LAN solutions help hotels offer a 360-degree personalized guest experience.

The solutions in this new partnership includes:
• ALE’s entire portfolio of network infrastructure products;
• Cost-effective, adaptable, scalable, ALE Business Telephony Solutions that are customer-centric, connected to the cloud and support Unified Communications;
• Rainbow™, an innovative cloud-based relationship management platform that connects business users, business contacts and systems designed to improve team communication and collaboration. As a Communications Platform as-a-Service (CPaaS), Rainbow’s Unified Communication and Collaboration features can be customized to connect people as well as objects in an IoT environment.

Rui Silva, Channel Manager Middle East, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise said: “Hospitality is a key vertical for ALE based on over 20 years of success with customers in this industry. Unlike other communication technologies providers, we deliver end-to-end unified solutions with strong differentiators and we provide guests with a fully connected experience that gives them control of their travel and environment. The partnership with InfoComm Group is indispensable to developing our market relevance and helping reach our distribution coverage in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.”

Nitin Awasthi, Division Head – ICT Solutions, InfoComm said: “There are very few partners in Oman that offer extensive services and solution portfolio such as ALE, they understand that today’s business and customer requirements are increasingly complex. One of the key drivers in Oman is hospitality and we are looking to address this vertical with the help of

The Alcatel-Lucent name and logo are trademarks of Nokia used under license by ALE.

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