Ramp up business communications for the digital era

Unleash the power of your business communications

It’s time to create a real digital workplace for your teams and boost your communications. Meet your critical needs and deliver:

  • Agile mobility - Instantly respond to your business contacts – wherever you are and with any device. With Rainbow, you can access your company directory from anywhere. Text, call, video, share files, share your screen and monitor your real-time communications, with your laptop or your smartphone. No IT needed. No VPN to set up. You download the app once and you’re ready to go.
  • Borderless collaboration - Open up communications with your business community. Whether it’s with your colleagues or with contacts beyond your company's walls, you have access to your entire business network with a simple click. You can create private groups to chat and share information about specific projects – even with remote contacts. Invite your contacts to join you on Rainbow, and start working together. Check out their presence status
  • Connected workplace - The Rainbow application connects with the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise phone system and becomes an integrated part of your business desk phone. From the Rainbow app, you can access your company directory from any device. Check the presence status of your contact. Click a Rainbow contact and instantly call with your desk phone

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