Read this eBook to learn the six things you must do for a successful Wi-Fi 6 migration.

If your network is at least 5 years old, you are most likely experiencing:

  • Transmission quality issues on real-time applications like voice and video streaming
  • Slow connections especially in dense environments where multiple devices are simultaneously accessing the wireless network
  • Increasing number of hacks in your network – older access points don’t have the necessary security protocols to prevent common hacking techniques

Wi-Fi 6 supports higher bandwidth to address the ever-growing number of Wi-Fi connected devices and bandwidth-hungry applications, enhanced connection stability and reliability, increased range of coverage and extended battery life for connected devices.

Read our eBook “Six MUST DOs for a successful Wi-Fi 6 migration” to learn how the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology can help and how you can prepare for a successful migration.

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