Networking and communications connect higher education environments, for secure, reliable collaboration between faculty, facilities and students.

Technology is how everything connects in higher education today. Student and faculty are mobile. Communications are app-based and collaboration is digital. This is the immersive and borderless digital college experience students expect.

Although digital learning environments may seem to have no limits, institutional resources have many. Finding the right balance to deliver and support the emerging digital campus is not easy. This is where IT brings important strategic, innovative value to the evolution of education pedagogy.

Up until now, we have been continually searching for solutions and services which are useful for both teachers and students. We are very satisfied with the process improvements for technological innovation. Thanks to these improvements, the use of our wireless devices is fully operational and secure.

P. Ambrogio Valzasina, Dean of Padri Barnabiti’s Zaccaria Institute

ALE higher education solutions:

  • Connect people, resources, and facilities seamlessly and securely
  • Deliver a personalized, connected student experience thorough innovative communications
  • Scale quickly to meet emerging demands of students, new technologies and applications
  • Reduce technology operations costs with more efficient communications, infrastructure and new business models

Innovative technologies make everything connect: Connected experiences rely on innovative communications platforms. Get secure access to content and applications thanks to intelligent networks - and connect and manage the sensors, wearables and other IoT endpoints that automate the physical campus. An intelligent, unified access network singularly connects everything and everyone.

The right IT models have strategic benefits: Technology-rich innovation helps students and teachers achieve more - not to mention the benefits for facilities, administration and security. New, flexible consumption models help balance technology advancement while controlling - or even reducing - costs. Strategic IT solutions tailored for your university environment connect, secure, and facilitate collaboration.

Real-time collaboration leads to student success: Next-generation information and communications technology environments can provide student-centric services, improving the quality of education while lowering the total cost, and can be tied directly to shared success for students' outomes.

Why do Higher Education customers choose ALE?

  • Consumption models: Scalable, outcome focused models shift the burden of capital investment and managing complexity to vendors.
  • Secure solutions: Advanced multi-layer network security from edge to core provides comprehensive BYOD and IoT services and protects highly available real-time communications systems for confidentiality.
  • Safe Campus: Awareness, response coordination and campus notification, integrating with infrastructure and building control systems to configure and trigger lockdown.
  • Future-ready: Deliver integrated, connected experiences today while preparing a pathway for tomorrow's learning environments - experiential, the hybrid classroom, flipped and distance learning.

We make everything connect, delivering technology that works for your college or university.

With our global reach and local focus, we deliver networking and communications that are purpose-built for education environments, enabling secure, reliable collaboration between students, faculty and administrators.

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