Whatever the reason you've not yet received E-rate funds to discount the cost of upgrading your technology, now is the time to put our experience to work for you.

Find out how we can help you design the optimal digital learning environment for your school district through flexible purchasing options including:

  • Cloud based managed voice services
  • Network on Demand - pay only for ports in service for the time that they are in use
  • Cloud based Managed Wi-Fi services

An Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution provides your district with:

  • Unified LAN/WLAN security policies providing seamless, secure roaming
  • Optimized LAN core and edge with network extension capabilities
  • Simplified network management and deployment
  • Full BYOD device support, including IoT devices
  • Safe Campus communication features - providing awareness of events and the ability to swiftly communicate safety information
  • Collaboration features for teachers, guest lecturers and student group projects
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