The foundation for the digital transformation in healthcare

A secure, robust, high-performance network is essential for delivering the information, applications and IoT connectivity that enables outstanding patient care and improved outcomes. 

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Digital Age Network for Healthcare provides a new level of performance, security, automation, visibility and control, enabling hospitals to optimize workflows and efficiencies, while delivering the services that clinicians, administrative staff, patients and visitors expect.

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Network Technologies
  • Unified Access: Ensure that users and devices have the same experience, regardless of device type, based on the policies that have been set up for each user.
  • Automation: Securely identify and onboard users and devices. Simplify network deployment, configuration and management, from the edge to the core and data center, using technologies like SPB and iFab.
  • IoT Containment: Segment a hospital network into virtual networks for every area that a hospital, clinic or assisted living facility requires, such as EHR and imaging systems, administrative ERP systems, patient and guest Wi-Fi, security systems, facilities systems, etc. on a single network infrastructure, while protecting the network from cyber-attacks.
  • Location-based services: Provide indoor navigation, identify the location of users, devices, assets, network infrastructure elements, along with clinicians, staff, high-risk patients and infants.
  • Asset tracking: Quickly locate clinicians, medical and non-medical equipment indoors, in real-time. Avoid lost or stolen assets, make sure equipment is properly maintained and fully utilized. Use historical and real-time location analytics to optimize clinician and patient workflows, streamline operations while enabling clinicians to spend more time with patients.
  • Single network management system: Either on premise with OmniVista 2500, or in the cloud with OmniVista Cirrus, along with Smart Analytics and PALM, get better network performance, application and maintenance visibility.
  • Cybersecurity: Use a multi-layered approach to secure the Digital Age Network for Healthcare with ALE switch secure diversified code, user and device fingerprinting, application visibility and analytics, plus IoT containment for a secured, virtualized network.
  • Secure diversified code: Independent verification and validation of source code and software diversification, are designed to prevent exploitation and enable secure delivery of software to customers. ALE OmniSwitch products go through this rigorous process to add additional protection levels on top of built-in cyber security features.
  • Network on Demand: The ability to break free from capital funding with fixed monthly or consumption-based pricing.


Your network architecture becomes a reliable, secure, high-performing and resilient environment which allows care providers to deliver optimal care. 


We help you connect your patients, staff and healthcare ecosystem, delivering technology that works across and beyond your facilities.

With our global reach and local focus, we deliver specialized networking and communications for healthcare providers to optimize the care pathway.

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