ALE hospitality technology delivers the base for an intelligent hotel network that connects guests, staff, applications, and devices across your properties.

IT support for mobile devices, apps, and Internet of Things is not 'nice to have'. It's essential. And hotel Wi-Fi networks are facing demands they were never designed to meet. The next step? Deploy a mobile network based on open standards to answer bandwidth, mobility and IoT needs. 

IoT Containment for Hospitality

Safely welcome your guests' and staff's connected devices with IoT Containment for Hospitality.

A secure, virtualized network manages your IoT system effortlessly by segmenting and containing traffic.

The future of hospitality technology: flexible models

ALE's flexible, cloud-based models like cloud communications and Network on Demand let you pay per occupancy and as you go. They ensure you're always running the latest software, and eliminate maintenance overheads. With the time and money you save, you can concentrate on your guests, operational efficiency and improving your bottom line.

How we can help you migrate to the cloud

Helping Hospitality customers migrate to the cloud

Read more about optimizing your hotel's network on our blog

Hospitality Network Guide

A deep dive into optimizing the guest experience and hotel operations with an ideal network infrastructure.

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