Network strategy's evolving: it's low-maintenance, intelligent and secure with a lower TCO. Say hello to OmniVista Cirrus. 

OmniVista Cirrus is a cloud-based Network Management as a Service solution. But rather than having the OmniVista server on site, the server resides in the cloud.

Users can access their server for network management from anywhere, using any approved browser and device (e.g. workstation, tablet, smartphone).

This service is available to all ALE customers using Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch products and OmniAccess Stellar APs.

There are three types of OmniVista Cirrus accounts: Freemium, Trial, and Paid.

OmniVista Cirrus Freemium landing page
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We've put together step by step guides with screenshots to make it easier to start using OmniVista Cirrus. 

  1. To get started with OmniVista Cirrus, create a Freemium account - a free account that provides limited functionality.

  2. You can try more features by upgrading to a Trial account. It's free, and provides full OmniVista Cirrus functionality for a limited number of devices for 90 days.

  3. Want the full package? Then upgrade to a Paid account, which provides full OmniVista Cirrus functionality for the subscribed number of devices and services for the length of your contract.

Get started with the Freemium version Learn more about the Trial version Learn more about the Paid version
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