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Ascom Wireless Solutions is a leading provider of innovative communication solutions providing integrated workflow intelligence for hospitals, senior care, and independent living, and other business areas where mission-critical communication is essential. Approximately 100 000 systems are installed globally. The company offers a broad range of voice and professional messaging solutions, creating value for customers by supporting and optimizing their mission-critical communication processes. The solutions are based on Cellular, VoWiFi, IP-DECT, Nurse call and Paging technologies, smartly integrated via Ascom Unite into existing enterprise systems. The company has subsidiaries in 13 countries and 1,200 employees worldwide. Founded in 1955 and based in Göteborg, Sweden, Ascom Wireless Solutions is part of the Ascom Group, listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (ASCN:SIX). 


The Ascom IP-DECT system is an innovative solution that combines the VoIP and the wireless DECT technology. It is extremely reliable, secure, whilst also being remarkably easy to deploy and maintain. The Ascom IP-DECT solution maximizes interoperability with most other leading vendors through its use of standard protocol, such as SIP. With dedicated frequency bands Ascom IP-DECT is the perfect wireless solution for secure, interference-free, on-site voice, messaging, and personal alarms.

Superior voice quality, over highly secure and dedicated radio channels. Extremely scalable with support for multi-site installations, regardless of geography. Advanced interactive messaging with dedicated alarm channel. Support for personal alarming function including "man-down/no movement" with positioning.



  • Enterprise-grade voice quality.
  • Dedicated frequency bands (interference-free communication).
  • Secure encrypted transmissions
  • Personal alarm
  • Dedicated alarm channel
  • Highly scalable (up to 100,000 handsets).
  • Multi-site supports
  • Centralized management (over-the-air).
  • Certified interoperability.
  • Durable handsets
  • Integrates to the OmniPCX Enterprise, OmniPCX Office and OpenTouch via SIP, to provide a feature-rich telephony solution


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