CECIAA was founded in 1990. Its policy is to promote the integration of people who have visual or hearing impairment, with language disorders or with musculoskeletal disorders. We offer a wide selection of technical aids and services such as studies of the workplace, support to disable people and companies, disability awareness, ...
Ceciaa has created a hearing impairment department: ORESCENCE, which developed a range of services in order to promote the integration of hard of hearing people in the professional world. Orescence offers services such as study of the workplace, business consulting, awareness,...

Magnetic induction loops for professional phones & Business consulting for integration of hard of hearing people

The magnetic induction loop for phone can be connected via Bluetooth or jack. It is recognized as a headset and relays the audio signal to the hearing aids, if these have the function T (telecoil). This system allows you to listen exclusively the voice of the caller without suffering the surrounding noise.
Ours expert put their skills together to serve companies. The business consulting for integration of hard of hearing people includes a first contact with the employee (phone, e-mails,...), a site visit (with conditions), technical tests and the loan of adapted material (subject to product availability).



Regarding the consequences of hearing loss, this product has the following benefits: 

  • Sounds discrimination (exclusive listening without extraneous sounds that could hinder comprehension),
  • Adapted amplification,
  • Easy of installation and use,
  • Compatibility with phones supporting Bluetooth or with jack,
  • Freedom of movement, a non-stigmatizing design,
  • Good value for money

Our expertise will meet your expectations, with :

  • quality of service,
  • centered reflexion on the employee,
  • reactivity
  • compatibility validation of the equipment via the technical tests
  • adequacy validation of the technical aids via the loan of equipment.


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