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NovaLink GmbH was founded in 1996 and has since established itself as a development company. The company is active in the areas of computer telephony, information technology and business management solutions. NovaLink experiences a steady growth through his innovations. We serve our customers directly and, together with our partners, throughout the world. The company’s size and its in-house development team allow it to react quickly and optimally to the challenges set by both the market and the latest technology. What distinguishes NovaLink is a high level of quality, rapid response times and marketability..



The NovaAlert solution is an alerting, evacuation and messaging system based on client-server architecture. 
A variety of interfaces allow the connection of all your technical equipment, including technologies like smartphone apps, desktop and touch clients etc.. 
With NovaAlert, the event-driven notification of dozens of people within a few seconds is assured. Security and reliability have top priority. Various options increase NovaAlert’s availability. Possible options include watchdog monitoring, uninterruptible power supply, hard disk mirroring, redundant hardware and independent function-monitoring equipment. 



  • Get the benefits of IP telephony while using your mobile devices:
  • Reduce cost and increase safety with enabling lone worker functionality via manual and automatic personal alarm
  • Increase mobility with smartphone apps and deliver location service
  • De-escalate threats using a choice of triggers for a silent alarm with e.g. video/audio-stream of the actual situation
  • Improve seniors and patients safety and their quality of life
  • Let seniors stay longer at home with assisted living
  • Offload workload from nursing staff in hospitals, care facilities and off premises
  • Lower costs for nursing operator and hospital
  • Added value while protecting the customers investment through various interfaces
  • Consolidate facilities engineering management messages
  • Safe lives with effective amok alerting


Zuercherstrasse 310, 8500 Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Phone: +41527626623 




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