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OpenIP is a French ITSP established in 2005. The company deploys a convergent IP Telephony infrastructure (Voice/Data/Cloud) and distributes its services based on a “As a Service” model. OpenIP addresses the French market through a channel of 150 Resellers and 60 Service Providers

IaaS OpenTouch Ready

OpenIP provides an ALE OpenTouch Ready Cloud infrastructure, including a large range of standardized High-level design components, such as servers, disks, network and security devices, all fully integrated within OpenIP Voice and Broadband backbone.
Othalla, a Cloud Orchestrator developed by OpenIP, allows virtual OTEC instances automated deployment, as well as an easy-to-use interface to manage routing, firewalling and monitoring.
OpenIP provides its services using a price per user model (Full OPEX IaaS model). This model is a key factor and value-for-money for all ALE Partners seeking for immediate access to a secured, connected and extremely powerful and flexible Infrastructure within an immediate timescale. With OpenIP and the Othalla orchestration portal, ALE Partners are able to be totally focused on their core business.



  • Thanks to its focus on automation, Othalla greatly reduces deployment delays, facilitates monitoring and customer connectivity and guarantees a High-level of security and availability (SLA 99,9%)
  • In a highly secured infrastructure, the Business Partner can simply deploy customers with the insurance of perfectly respect ALE technical recommendations (architecture, resources, security)
  • ALE Partners are perfectly autonomous in the management of their dedicated Cloud infrastructure thank to a Central Management Zone (CMZ) that can manage a multitude of dedicated virtual customer instances.


37/39, rue de Neuilly
92110 Clichy - France
Phone: +331 76 71 05 05