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Before Surycat was born in 2011, we spent more than a decade deploying communications platforms. We lived through the wasted time, money and resources of disintegrated systems and manual integration. We were frustrated by the opportunity cost – knowing we could have been spending time on more interesting and useful things instead and of the "dead-end" of vintage systems that lacked APIs or other smart means to connect.

That's why we built Surycat - to work faster and smarter; to save money and time; to be "green" giving new life to old systems and next generation devices; to make it easier for our friends and partners, colleagues and customers to do their work. Today, there are about 400 Surycats in the wild worldwide, multiplying all the time.

Now, we see broader places for Surycat to thrive – not only to connect events with people, but with things (as in the Internet of Things). The Surycat platform extends into the smart age with strong business and real-world experience, delivering value with proven know-how.

Surycat connects events with people. Why not connect with us?


SURYCAT is a Robotic Process Automation Software has allows all Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s communication Platforms to be connected with business workflows in specific targeted markets such as: Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing…

Surycat is mission-critical communication solution. Its goal is to connect mission-related events to the right persons, wherever they are, through the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Communication Platforms.

Surycat is also receiving, processing, following up and tracking specific events coming from lone workers ALE’s DECT phones to locate the device and broadcast notification information.

List of available alarm features for 500 DECT, 8242 DECT and 8262DECT.



  • Eradicate time-consuming actions and increase efficiency by automating workflows
  • Customize notification networks between heterogenous devices for instantaneous action
  • Automate critical situation management via pre-programmed response scenarios
  • Create communication flows from anywhere
  • Real-time and ex-post workflow tracking, coordination and management via our intuitive web-based control interface.


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