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Since the Fidelio Cruise foundation in 1995, the company has grown into a global operation. The Fidelio Cruise software solutions are installed on 195 vessels representing 51 companies.

Ship’s Property Management System (SPMS)

Provides cruise operators with a portfolio to handle individual passengers, groups travelling together, ship’s crew, staff and temporary visitors. During passenger and crew check-in and while preparing to embark, a range of information is captured and stored in a central database about each individual aboard ship. Through the strong coupling, passengers enjoy application features and advantages.



  • Best passenger experience: as soon as the passenger arrives to the cabin, the phone and voicemail are ready to be used. When calling the reception, the name and language of the
  • passenger is displayed allowing a highly personalized treatment
  • All the calls are directly charged to the passenger folio
  • Fully automated check-in with picture taking for passengers.



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