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Global Cloud Platform for managing and controlling access to Guest WiFi environments with value-added layers for your business.


Global Cloud Platform for managing and controlling access to Guest WiFi environments with multiple value-added layers for your business. TAO WiFi Platform gathers information of the clients and their behavior, presenting intuitive usage analytics and offering advanced functionalities to design marketing campaigns and promotions.


  • Cloud Platform: TAO WiFi is offered as a SaaS service, with different licensing levels.
  • Multitenat: TAO WiFi can be customized and white labeled to fit your brand image and offered as client´s owned service.
  • Multivendor Platform: Integrates with WLAN solutions from the most common WLAN manufacturers.
  • Modular: Advanced management of users & permissions (IT, Marketing, Support, Reception, …)
  • Flexible: Features adapted to any different sectors of the market, which may require Guest WiFi.
  • AAA service that multiplies the options for access types, control mechanisms and monitoring levels.
  • Business analytics, marketing campaigns and promotions over WiFi.
  • Specialized Support and Consultancy: To define the best Guest WiFi solution for your business, develop special integrations with third parties and business tools.
  • Compliance with the current law related to the preservation and processing of personal data.


  • TAO WIFI helps every company to perform the digital transformation: Wi-Fi as a new communication channel.
  • We integrate your business with the Wi-Fi technology. Make profitable your Wi-Fi service with marketing steps.
  • Reinforce the brand image; spread your business image to the Wi-Fi service.
  • Make the difference between your competitors using a high-quality service, gain presence in your point of sale, gain new customers and improve customer loyalty.
  • Understand customer behaviour: where they go, how much time they spent in your site, returns…
  • Increase the number of visits and interactions with your website and your social networks corporate profiles and promote the download of your APP.
  • Make and integration with your Digital Marketing platforms and make results visible in short-time.


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