For the last 15 years, Cogis Vocal has been selling and maintaining digital switchboards, offering callers the convenience and ease of use of a speech-enabled auto attendant system to improve customer experience, enhance corporate image, decrease telecommunications costs and increase employee productivity of our customers.

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We are based in Sucy en Brie in the suburbs of Paris. Our core business is publishing, developing and selling software solutions, using speech recognition to increase the efficiency of customer relationship management. Our solutions plug any technology on IT and telco fields, and offer you applications that are easy to set up, upgrade and use.


ELLO ! is a digital switchboard which combines a powerful voice recognition software and the transfer of incoming calls. It primarily addresses needs for small and medium businesses


Ello! Offers the following characteristics:

  • Simply architecture

  • Easy integration of telephone books

  • Maximum of 200 entries

Ello ! enables client to improve the CRM thanks to a powerful digital switchboard

  • Handles 100 % of the incoming calls

  • System available 24h/24, 7 days/7, 365 days a year

  • Instant transfer if the incoming calls


ELLO ! is built on the usage of the natural language to route inward calls.

These are the main functionalities:

  • Transfer of calls

  • Distribution of messages on demand

  • Working hours

  • Alias management

  • Advanced TTS

ELLO ! analyses the quality of your CRM by producing statistic reports.

ELLO ! uses Nuance technology:

  • Nuance Recognizer, is the most powerful voice recognizer in the industry
  • It is very easy to implement for any telephone specialist
  • Easy to set up
  • A very good value for money
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