Ennovatech is expert in providing software solutions primarily to the hospitality industry.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Voice mail, Call Accounting System (CAS)
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Industry: Hospitality

Ennovatech provides a suite of hospitality products to our customers and having a certified platform will help unify our services.

EnnovaTech Solutions FZ LLC is a startup formed late 2015 with the primary aim to influx technology into the Hospitality Industry. We are a young and dynamic team with a very broad spectrum of experience ranging from Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Security systems & Big Data management. Bringing in our experience from technology driven industries and applying them to Hospitality makes us stand out from our competition. We are focused but not limited to providing competitive software solutions to the Hospitality Industry by providing good quality service and support. Currently, five reputed Dubai based clients have entrusted us with their business. Namely, Le Royal Meridien, Grosvenor House, Golden Sands Hotel Apartments (Arenco Real Estate), Dusit Thani Dubai (Al Wasl Properties) and Dubai International Hotel (Dubai Airports).


HotLync is a Hospitality Communications and Operations Management Platform.

Hotlync provides a unified platform to its customers for operations as well as communications management with its various modules touching almost all the department within the hotel.

HotLync is a hospitality application suite which provides a single platform for Call Accounting, Guest Services, Guest Interaction, Housekeeping, Engineering, etc. With HotLync Ecosystem we provide a package solution with all the modules seamlessly communicating with each other.

HotLync’s Call Management System interfaces with the PBX and the PMS systems which is managed via a web interface, applies the applicable charges based on custom rate structures and posts the charges. Our Call Management Software package is designed for medium to large size businesses. We support traditional serial call capture as well as TCP/IP Call Capture from IP Enabled Phone systems. It includes complete tracking of all inbound and outbound call and includes the ability to bill for additional port, set and other charges.

Hotlync acts a middleware between ALE and various PMS system without the need for ALE to have separate integration with each of the PMS vendors. Also, all the call reports can be generated through Hotlync.


Sustainable – With its interface, application can share information from one module to another without the need of installing third party application.
Modular – You do not need to pay for applications that your property do not require Since our solution is modular, you only pay for what you need.
Cost-effective - Since modules are installed in one machine and provided by the same vendor, there is no need for you to invest multiple hardware, no need to pay for multiple installation fees and no need to pay for multiple AMCs.
Paperless - Getting and using information within seconds—not days—is the norm in today’s global and mobile world. We automate manual process and reduce the cost of printing, eliminate bulky filling cabinets, etc.


  • TCP/IP connection and Keep-alive
  • Frame Sequencing
  • Guest Management GPIN
  • Room Management
  • Room Status
  • Modification of Guest/Room
  • Wake-up events
  • Call Metering Tickets (SMDR)
  • Data Transfer
  • Dynamic Suite
  • Night Audit
  • Voice Mail Attribution
  • Voice Mail Events
  • Database Re-Initialization
  • Spatial Redundancy
  • External Voicemail

Certification Status
Access to detailed InterWorking Reports (credentials is required)


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