Founded in 1982, FCS is a comprehensive hospitality technology solutions and services provider, with an extensive portfolio of integrated products used by more than 5,000 hotels with over 8,000 installations in 32 countries.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Property Management System (PMS), Property Management System (PMS) Gateway, Voice mail, Call Accounting System (CAS)
  • Region: APAC
  • Industry: Hospitality


FCS Gateway 

FCS Gateway is a revolutionary cloud-based gateway for interface, guest data and billing, it provides hotels with the ability to effortlessly connect disparate property systems and multiple properties using different PMS, PBX and other third-party solutions. 


  • Simplify complex interface requirements and system management
  • Streamline complicated integration work
  • Scalable for any size of hotels
  • Flexible billing methods for hotels
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting



FCS Voice

FCS Voice manages personal voicemail boxes and digital messaging for hotel guests and staff. It is a total hotel communication solution with auto wakeup call services, assign each guest a private fax number, minibar posting to a guest’s profile, rooms status update and much more.



  • Centralized management with streamlined operations
  • Increase revenue per room with faster room turnover rate
  • Capture all mini bar charges in real time
  • Simple to install, operate and master
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
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