HotSoft 8 is a Property Management System from Hoist Group that helps hotels manage their entire operations, all integrated and packaged into one solution. HotSoft 8 supports all types of properties, such as independent hotels, chains, resorts, conferences, hostels and much more.

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Hoist Group is the complete hospitality partner for hotels, health care institutions and public operations. With more than 20 years of proven hospitality experience, Hoist Group is the market leader in innovative High Speed Internet Access, Conference services, TV & Content solutions, PMS and back-office software as well as other guest-facing amenities. Many hotel chains, flagship independent hotels and public hospitals have entrusted their IT to Hoist Group.
Based in Sweden, the company has offices in a total of 18 countries in the EMEA region.

Manage daily operations easily and increase your control over your bookings flow and finances with the HotSoft 8 property management system.
The property management system, HotSoft 8, consists of fully-integrated modules and provides features that support all kinds of businesses, from hostels to hotel chains. You only pay for the functions you need.


This is What Hoist Offers:

Separately or combined, Hoist's offerings address the needs of your business with the ambition to make your operation run as efficiently as possible. Both for your benefit and for the benefit of your guests.

  • Help customers deliver a hotel experience that exceeds the ordinary, ensuring guests come back time and again.
  • Hoist does this by offering reliable and innovative products and solutions throughout the complete guest journey.
  • This way, you can spend your time focusing on what is most important – your guests.
HotSoft 8

HotSoft8 is a PMS and use the TEL_ALC4 protocol that enables hotels to use Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise with Hotsoft(PMS). It acts as a bridge between the two systems. HotSoft8 via TEL_ALC4 connects to Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise through TCP/IP. TEL_ALC4 is a component of IFC, which is software that runs on the clients’ machine. It handles communication with external systems, which then forwards that communication to IFM, which is software that manages the database. It runs either on the client machine or an external server. The database is read by Hotsoft, which is used by the client for managing the hotel.

The interface enables the following:

  • Room-based check-in and checkout as soon as the actions
    are performed.
  • Receive a notification from IFC whenever a checked-in guest
    performs a room move.
  • Database resync commands to refresh the house occupancy
    status on the vendor system.
  • Set room status in Hotsoft PMS to clean, dirty, inspected
    (vacant or occupied).
  • Set or clear a wake-up call both from and to Hotsoft PMS.
  • Update the wake-up status in Hotsoft PMS.
  • Post telephone charges to the room.
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